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Our Vision 

OYWO has five, interconnected, charitable goals. On this page you can read 1 of the 5 goals and how it helps form an important holistic cause. 

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OYWO centres around a challenge. The challenge is quite simply One Year Water Only. That means anyone taking the challenge, can only drink water for 365 days! No tea or coffee, no beer or wine, no coca-cola or red bull, no fruit juice or smoothies! Just water! If you sign up for the challenge you will become healthier and also save lots of money. We ask you to donate all the savings you make through not buying 'non water drinks', to this charity. We will invest 90% of that money in Action Sports, and 10% we will pass on to a water charity digging wells in Africa. What we have found is that when people start drinking only water...they often soon begin thinking more seriously about all the other food they consume. The daily conscious decision to choose water seems to trigger a greater awareness of nutrition as a whole. 

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