Here is how it started

The OYWO club was born in Croatia in late October 2017. Phil, David and Michael were there to plan the an action sports event for the summer of 2018.

While thinking and praying about the funding, sponsoring and marketing of the event, Phil remembered a charitable company ‘Drink Water’ founded by a couple of pro-snowboarders out of a desire to confront the energy drinks companies (e.g. Red Bull and Monster) buying up of the ‘action sports world’.

You can read more about their initiative on their website:

Inspired by ‘Drink Water’, we all agreed that there must be a better way to fund action sports events, than the conventional ‘Red Bull route’.
Some conclusions we drew:

  1. We want to create amazing action sports events, for people of all ages, and abilities. We want to create great events for both participants and spectators.
  2. As we celebrate life, with crazy action sports events, we want to remember those less fortunate than ourselves. We decided to give a percentage of all funds to a charity providing clean water to poor communities around the world.
  3. We wanted our events to promote healthy living. We are aware of the potential physical and psychological down sides to energy drinks.

The idea

An idea formed in our minds. WE WOULD FUND OUR OWN EVENTS. We would simply drink water and nothing else. Everyday, the money we saved from not buying manufactured drinks (coffee, Coca Cola, beer, juice, wine etc etc) would be put aside to fund our events. Thus…OYWO was born.

As we have shared with our friends, people have joined the club! We see a growing movement of people, united by this vision.
Together we can….fund action sports, provide clean water to poor communities and promote healthy living.

We invite you to JOIN THE CLUB

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