This is where you can donate to OYWO *

90% of all donations will go to fund action sports

10% will go to *

If you have taken a OneYear, OneMonth challenge, please donate your pledge no later than one week after  completing your challenge. You may make the donation anytime before then.

If you are doing the group challenge, please donate every  6 months, beginning 6 months after your group begins the challenge.

Everyone is welcome to make a one off donation here too.

How about the next time you and your friends go out for some drinks, you have one round of ONLY WATER and donate the savings to OYWO. Send us a photo of you all drinking Water :-).



*OYWO is a registered association within Switzerland /

(To view the association statutes click here).

*Letitflow is a water charity founded by pro-skater Nyjah Houston, to provide access to clean drinking water for poor communities around the world.