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Take the 'oyWOvember' Challenge

Dear OYWO Friends

After our  successful 'buzz tour 2022' we are pushing on.


We now own a 9-seater minibus and a beautifully branded trailer and skate ramp.

Around 350 people have taken a water drinking challenge (30 days or 365 days) from around 20 different nations! Most have been teenagers! 


Please help us to keep growing the brand.  This is just the beginning.......

Next opportunity to get involved. Do the oyWOvember challenge, and recruit all your friends to do it too. 

What we have:

- A big vision

- Decades of experience working with youth in the action sports scene

- An international team of volunteers

- A growing number of opportunities to promote OYWO all over Europe and beyond!

What we need:

-A second 9 seater minibus. 

- A second trailer. 

- More action sports equipment to supplement our skate ramp to be able to create a

'pop-up action sports park'

- Funds to travel to all the places where opportunities to promote OYWO are opening up. 

- Lots of love and people to partner with us

Image by Jonathan Ouimet

Thank you for taking the OYWO challenge!!!

 It's a win, win, win scenario.

1. You win - drinking just water will have  a wide variety of health benefits.

2. People will benefit from our investment in action sports.

3. Poor communities will benefit from receiving access to clean water.

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